Myths, moods and melodies

Myths, moods and melodies

Wednesday 26th September: 1300 – 1400

Authors: Christian Guay-Poliquin, Nancy Lee, Emma Hooper
Chair: Lennie Goodings

The Québécois author Christian Guay-Poliquin, and his third novel Running on Fumes electrified the Québécois literary community with its lyrical blend of mythology, contemporary issues and road movie. His second, The Weight of Snow, similarly takes us through an apocalyptic landscape and won a major Canadian award, the Governor General’s Award for a novel in French. He is joined by Emma Hooper, who now lives in Bath and whose most recent novel Our Homesick Songs is set in Newfoundland in 1992. Together with Nancy Lee from Vancouver they will be discussing their writing with Lennie Goodings, co-founder of Virago Press and highly cherished Canadian literary ex-pat in London.   

Tickets £5 

Venue: Canada House