Canadian women from West to East

Canadian women from West to East

Tuesday 25th September: 1200

Authors: Cherie Dimaline, Nancy Lee, Andrée Michaud, Chair: Leslie Hurtig


Cherie is from the Métis community and her book The Marrow Thieves explores a world in which First Nations people have their bone marrow harvested to heal the white races; Nancy is from Vancouver and her stories in Dead Girls skewer women in all their guises; Andrée is French-speaking Québécois and her latest book The Last Summer is an elegaic tribute to teenage beauty. They are all sassy and wise and exciting, bringing stories from the dystopian and the dark side to this event hosted by the director of the Vancouver Writers Festival.  

Tickets: £5

Venue: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HY

Please note that admission to Malborough House requires pre-registered tickets. Tickets cannot be bought on the door and must be purchased in advance.